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Highspeed OBD fault memory eraser for E, F and G series

This innovative tool allows you to delete all fault memories in your BMW in just 3 seconds.

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CAN flap control for BMW F and G series

Open and close the exhaust flaps whenever you want, regardless of the sport mode.

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E30DGA Display
for BMW E30

For all racing enthusiasts and fans who would like to have more data from their vehicle displayed.

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for BMW G-series

Remove OPF for motorsport purposes without engine emergency program and check engine warning light.

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Hardware and software development

Printed circuit board assembly

Cable assembly

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"AWRON" Who we are...


AWRON offers its customers comprehensive services in the field of hardware and software development through to the finished product. This includes PCB assembly using our own in-house production line and cable assembly. These integrated manufacturing capabilities enable Awron to support the entire development process and offer high-quality, customized solutions. Our expertise ranges from the conception and design phase to prototype development and series production, enabling us to meet the requirements of our customers in a wide range of industries.