AWRON Crate Engine for BMW S65 V8

Since our crate engines are very individual products, we ask you to contact us via our contact form, write us an email or call us directly if you are interested.

What does AWRON mean by a motor package (Crate Engine)?

A motor package is a set of hardware and software that enables a motor to be operated in any environment with a reduced on-board power supply, e.g. in a racing car, prototype, vintage car, motor boat or test bench.

What are the advantages of a motor package?

We take over the standard engine control and modify the software. Only the AWRON CAN gateway is required for operation. Today's engines and control units have been developed so that they communicate with each other in a network. An engine control unit communicates with several control units in a network. If you want to use only the engine control unit alone, this is unfortunately not possible. With our engine package, we create a minimal wiring system where the engine is operated autonomously.


Is there a wiring diagram?

Yes, we always supply a wiring diagram with our engine packages to give you the opportunity to install the kit yourself.


The software of the engine control unit is retained with all its protective functions as in series production.
This means that you can pass an AU without any problems.
The complete OBD functionality is given as well as the diagnostic capability.
The engine control unit is therefore fully diagnostic-capable and can communicate with any BMW diagnostic software,

Scope of delivery

Software programming DME engine control MSS60

  • Lambda sensors deactivated after catalytic converter (do not have to be installed)
  • Secondary air pump deactivated (does not have to be installed)
  • Sports button always programmed to POWER "ON
  • DSC off
  • Vmax


EKP (fuel pump control unit)

  • Suitable for DC Bosch fuel pump


AWRON wiring harness with original BMW connectors

  • Partially assembled cable harness


Circuit diagram

  • Wiring diagram for AWRON wiring harness


Customized solutions

  • Configuration Racing Display, AIM, Motec, 2D, Stack...
  • Integration of the original BMW instrument cluster to the CAN bus of the S85 engine
  • Dry sump Oil pan

Customer provisioning

The following original BMW E92 M3 parts must be used for the S65 V8 engine conversion:

  • DME motor control MSS60
  • Accelerator pedal module
  • Water cooler
  • Fuel pump (Bosch 220l/h or original BMW E92 M3 with EKP)
  • Electric fan
  • Oil cooler
  • Air filter box
  • Manual gearbox from E92 M3
  • Flywheel from E92 M3
  • Clutch from E92 M3
  • Catalytic converter from E92 M3 bank 1 and bank 2 (optional without cat)