MXG 1.2 Strada Race

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MXG 1.2 Strada Race

The AiM MXG 1.2 Strada Race is a large, freely configurable 7″ TFT display with integrated data logging. It has eight configurable RGB alarm LEDs, ten configurable RGB switch lights, WiFi connectivity and two CAN ports to communicate with over 700 ECUs from all industry leading ECU manufacturers. In addition, it has a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, eight analog inputs, four speed inputs, one lap time input, two digital outputs, and one input for a rearview camera.

The sturdy aluminum housing meets the requirements of protection class IP65, making the MXG 1.2 Race suitable not only for touring cars, but also for open vehicles. The integrated buttons can be used to adjust the settings of the MXG 1.2 Race and switch between the configured pages.



Special features MXG 1.2 Race

  • 8 freely configurable analog inputs
  • 10 RGB switching lamps
  • 8 RGB alarm lamps
  • Display of lap times, up to 5 split times
  • 4 speed inputs
  • Triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope
  • WiFi connection
  • 4 GB memory
  • 3 CAN interfaces
  • ECU Interface (CAN, RS232 or OBDII)



Technical data AiM MXG 1.2 Race


Rev counter Tapping from the control unit, terminal 1 of the ignition coil or CAN/RS 232/OBDII
Measuring range 0 to 22,000 rpm
End of scale adjustable (x 1000): 4 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22
sampling rate 10 - 50 Hz, freely selectable
freely configurable over-revs control LED
Timekeeping Triggering via infrared, manual or GPS
Lap times without limit, up to 5 split times
Measuring accuracy 1/100 sec.
Lap time prediction
Analog channels 8 inputs (0-5 V, 12 bit)
Thermocouple 0 -1200°C, measuring accuracy + 0.75%
Thermocouple resistance up to 180°C, measuring accuracy + 1
6 RGB alarm LEDs for under- and overrange of the set alarm values
Display in °C or °F
Sampling rate 1 - 1000 Hz, freely selectable
Day and total odometer
Speed 4 digital inputs
Acquisition via inductive wheel speed sensor ABS or CAN/RS232/OBDII
0 - 438, display in km/h or mph
sampling rate 10 - 50 Hz, freely selectable
Acceleration triaxial ± 5 g and gyroscope integrated in display
Sampling rate accelerometer 1 - 100 Hz, freely selectable
Sampling rate gyroscope 1 - 50 Hz, freely selectable
Gear indicator Calculated from RPM and speed, detected via gear sensor or CAN/RS232/OBDII
Total sampling rate 8950 Hz (without ECU)
Plug 1x Autosport 37 pin | Souriau 8STA61435SN | German AS61435SN
1x Autosport 22 pin | Souriau 8STA61235SN | German AS61235SN
1x Mini USB on harness
Shift flash 10 freely configurable RGB LEDs
freely configurable for each gear
Additional functions Display of the difference to the fastest lap in the split times
Lap time prediction
Wifi connection
Light sensor for display illumination
2 digital outputs
Calculated channels
Freely configurable display
Data storage 4 GB non-volatile memory
Data transmission WiFi 802.11 or USB
Power supply via 12V on-board power supply
On / Off via ignition switch
no data loss after switch off
Updates Software and firmware updates free of charge via Internet
Dimensions Housing: 237 x 127.6 x 26 mm
Display: 152.8 x 91.8 mm
Weight 950 gr
Weight 2.5 kg